“Peaceweaving: Shamanistic Insights Into Mediating the Transformation of Power”  ~ Buy Online

Dr. Ben Hoffman’s most recent book titled “Peaceweaving: Shamanistic Insights Into Mediating the Transformation of Power” is now available to purchase online through Amazon.

Image of the front of "Peaceweaving" book by Ben HoffmanPeaceweaving invites the reader to let go of conventional ideas about conflict, and then guides us on a journey through a parallel universe of working for peace from a shamanistic perspective. Far from fanciful, Hoffman grounds his discussion of evil spirits, the destructive use of power, and the central role that our values play in producing conflict and the ways in which we try to resolve it in solid practical experience. Offering us an ‘evolutionary paradigm’ of power, and how we might help transform the way power is used, we find ourselves undergoing our own transformation and come out the other end with new insights and techniques to apply in our personal lives and professional practice. A tour de force for anyone wanting to make our world more peaceful.

“A real page turner by one of Canada’s and the world’s leading mediators. I haven’t enjoyed reading a negotiation or mediation book so much since I read ‘Getting to Yes’. Ben’s story is truly inspirational. A must read full of practical tips for anyone who has any interest in conflict resolution.” ~  David Bennett LL. B., Chartered Mediator, Ottawa




Ebola, Climate Change, Poverty, Syria, ISIS, the Ukraine – it seems to be crazy out there and getting crazier.

CIIAN (www.ciian.org) is pleased to announce the release of “Crazy Out There” – – a gripping song whose lyrics remind us that now more than ever we need to make it sane in here.

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